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Welcome to the Official website for Silverpaw Kennel of New York.  We hope you enjoy the visit. If you have a question about the website or about one of our beautiful labs please feel free to email us (click here)with any comments and suggestions. We want to hear from you.

Thank you to all of our new owners who just purchased pups from Shelly, and Belle's litters ... J.D. and Kate are making babies ... We expect the litter to whelp in April, and be ready for pick up in June ... This will be a all A.K.C. Chocolate litter, and pups will carry the American Lab characteristics ... J.D. and Kate's pups are some of the finest our kennel has produced over the years ... They are not only very special pups, but customer favorites ... We have some spots on Kate's litter list still available, so if a pup is in your future send us a email or give us a call ... June is a perfect time to raise a puppy. Click on the running puppy below to view the latest news on the Puppies page.

We are a small premium kennel located in the Finger Lakes Region of up-state New York. Our kennel strives to produce top quality Labrador Retrievers for family pets and hunting partners. Our goal is to remain a small premium kennel producing just a few well thought out litters per year… we are not a puppy mill. Because, we do not have constant litters available, we make it possible for you to reserve a pup prior to birth. After you’ve picked out your puppy we keep you informed along the way as to the timing, and care of your new addition. We will also send pictures via e-mail upon request. Our past customers can confirm that our Labs are worth the wait.

We found out when we met, we both had a strong passion for the breed, and decided to put that passion to work in producing a top quality line of Labrador Retrievers. We specialize in the Chocolate line of the breed, and their Silver cousins... Both colors are registered as Chocolates by the American Kennel Club a.k.a.... A.K.C. ...

Each litter is whelped in a separate birthing room under ideal conditions. This is to insure that momma, and puppies are under no stress from the rest of their kennel mates. From the day they’re born the pups are raised with love, and compassion, and are handled daily by our family. We treat each pup with the upmost respect to insure you are delivered a well adjusted pet or hunter.

After they are weaned they learn all of the tricks of becoming a Lab… they run, swim (weather permitting), and play with all the big doggies while mom is resting. By doing this we feel confident that you will have a happy, and well adjusted pup that will give you many years of love, and happiness …

Lastly, Silverpaw Kennel has also been selected by "The Stapleton Group" of New York City as their supplier of Labrador Retrievers to be trained for Bomb Detection Training and their new "Vapor Wake Detection Team" ... To learn more about The Stapleton Group, and "Vapor Wake Detection" click on the The Stapleton Group Logo below ... We consider this a great honor, and wonderful opportunity for our Labs to really show their stuff ... We will be supplying 4-6 Labs yearly, and we can't tell you how proud we are of them ... Not only are they going to have wonderful lives as service dogs, but they'll be protecting our children and our country.

The Stapleton Group

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"Big "T" Brown (Steel/River) at 7 mos., and will you look at that smile !! "

At Silverpaw Kennel we feed and recommend Purina Pro Plan !


"Hills Science Diet"

Latest Photos
The Big Daddy

Meet J.D. our #1 sire... loaded with looks, and pedigree. Below, Buster Brown (J.D./Kate) is a wonderful example of the quality off-spring our kennel produces ... He has "Show Bred" written all over him. Click on either picture to see larger versions.

Buster Brown

Mocha Schott from J.D. and Belle

Above, Mocha (J.D./Belle) owned by the Schotts of WNY is definitely in the holiday spirit. If I remember they took 3 hrs picking her out... I'd say they picked a winner. Click on either picture to see larger versions.

Dallas (Chester/Sadie) a customer favorite on our website, sure knows how to look cute for the camera.

N.Y.S. Pet Dealer Lic. # 887

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