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"Star" a.k.a. "Water Dog" is a Silver Lab born on 9/11/11 ... She is the daughter of Chester/Sadie. She has a excellent pedigree, a gorgeous head, a very gentle personality, and is one of the smartest Labs we've ever raised ... She loves the water, and if we can't find her the first place we look is the pool or pond ... She has been Trina's baby from day one. Trina has turned down many very nice offers for her ... She has a ways to go before she's bred (2 yrs. old), but we just wanted to share some info. about her and show you some photos ... If her pups are anything like her they'll be worth the wait ... We'll post new pictures as she matures.


Star again.


Sadie is a (2 yr. 55 lbs.) Chocolate Lab who is "J.D.'s" niece from his brother "Stetson". She is a beautiful chestnut color, and has a very gentle, and sweet personality ... She has a nice blocky head and piercing yellow eyes ... Besides having a outstanding pedigree she produces an outstanding litter (Last litter 9/11/11) in which she and "Chester" were the proud parents of 11 pups, 6 silver, and 5 chocolate ... Sadie is an excellent mother !!! ... A puppy from her next litter would be worth the wait. (Next litter Spring of 2013)


Sadie again.


"Katie" ( 4 yrs and 65 lbs. ) is a Chocolate Lab of Champion pedigree ... Her pedigree has numerous field and hunting titles. Her father Rusty (Shown in this website) is the head guide dog at Pheasant Farm in South Dakota ... She is a gentle Lab, but loves to hunt and swim. She has big beautiful litters and we expect her next litter late 2013 . If you have a pheasant or duck hunter in the family, don't miss out on one of Katie's beautiful pups !!


Kate again.


"Belle" (3 yrs. 55 lbs.) is a Silver Lab with a excellent silver pedigree ... She is 55 lbs. of muscle, and when teamed with "J.D." produces some of our nicest pups ... She has a big blocky head, a gorgeous silver coat that she passes down to her pups ... She has a wonderful disposition, and loves to wrestle with the other Dams during her daily exercise ... She is a wonderful mother, and has nice healthy litters ... Her pups make great family pets, will love kids, and are a big hit with our retired customers ... Next litter late 2013 or early 2014 and believe me.... "J.D." and "Belle's" pups are worth the wait.


Belle again.


"Mocha" ( 3 years, 70lbs. ) is a Chocolate Lab that is silver factored ... She is also the daughter of River and Gauge (Both Shown in this website) . She comes from a long line of excellent hunters on her mother's pedigree and a silver pedigree second to none . She is taking her mother's place in the kennel and we expect big beautiful litters from her . She loves children and is a phenomenal swimmer . We expect the next litter Summer of 2013.

Mocha and pups.

Mocha again.

"Annie" (a.k.a. "Pookie")

"Annie" (2yrs. 65lbs.) is a Silver Lab who produces outstanding litters (Last litter 10 pups...7 Silver/ 3 Chocolate) ... She came to us from North Dakota at 8 wks., and we fell in love ... Her pups will be the largest pups we sell as her Dad "Ringneck Steel" is a 120lb. Silver Lab ... She has a outstanding pedigree, and is absolutely fearless ... She's a great kennel mate, and has a wonderful personality around all our Labs ... She is playful, but is all business when it's time to work ... Her pups will make great candidates for The Stapleton Group (Vapor Wake Detection Team) ... We expect Annie's Next litter in the Spring of 2013 ... Don't miss out on one of Annie's gorgeous pups ... Check out her pups Boone, and Samantha from her last litter, both shown on the "About Labrador Retriever" page of this website.

Annie and pups.

Annie again.

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