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Silverpaw Kennel NY certifies: The Sire and Dam of this Labrador Retriever are quality purebred, registered Labs with sound structure, and temperament. This puppy has been raised in a healthy family environment, has been Vet checked, and is healthy to the best of our knowledge at the time of sale.

For the first 14 business days your puppy is covered under N.Y.S. Department of Agriculture and Markets at under Article 35-D "THE SALE OF CATS AND DOGS NOTICE". Click on Licensing & Registration, then on Pet Dealers, and finally on Article 35D General Business Law relating to the Sale of Dogs and Cats (Puppy Lemon Law).

After 14 business days Silverpaw Kennel NY guarantees our puppies to be free of the following genetic defects for 2 years: Hip dysplasia that requires corrective surgery, eye disease causing blindness, bilateral deafness, and life threatening heart ailments. We require O.F.A. results, x-rays, and the purchaser's Veterinarian documentation for our Veterinarian to review for our hip guarantee. We also require Veterinarian documentation to our Vet for all other guarantee issues. If your Lab has any of the following genetic defects we will replace that pup with a pup of equal value, and color from the next available litter. We do not pay Vet bills, and do not give back cash refunds for guarantee issues after 14 days. We also do not require you to return the defective pup in question.

All health guarantees are void if the Lab is currently or has been previously bred, seriously injured, malnourished, overweight, used for weight pulling prior to 2 years of age or abused in any way. The guarantee is also void if the pup is sold, given away or transferred to anyone other than the original owner. For this guarantee to be valid we ask you to read carefully, sign, and return it to us along with a copy of your Vet receipt within 21 days by certified mail. You must also keep you receipt as proof of the day sent. By signing this guarantee , you agree to, and fully understand Silverpaw Kennel NY's puppy guarantee. You also agree to comply with said contract.

Our puppies are a part of our family, and we would like to keep in contact with our new puppy owners. We love to receive stories, and pictures of our pups, and use many of them on our website. We are always available to answer any questions you may have about our pups, and remember when you purchase a pup from us you bring home our commitment to you with a happy, healthy, well adjusted "Silverpaw Lab".

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Bailey (above) and Kuma (below) are both off-spring of our Sire "J.D." ... Look at the quality of the pups he produces, and our customers couldn't be happier.

Kuma Resting.

The Food Is Great !!!

Flynn is a "BIG" hit at McAleer's Pub in NYC... He better be, his daddy Keith owns the place ...

'Remember, we guarantee our Labs.'

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